Importance of Car Maintenance

Mechanic pouring oil into an engine

Our Burlington area GM service center is staffed with certified technicians who will all tell you the same thing–routine maintenance is the single most important thing to keeping your car living a long and healthy life. Skipping over that oil change might not seem like a big deal today, but it could prove costly in the long-term health and performance of your car.

Every owner’s manual will lay out suggested maintenance intervals for you to follow, and taking an hour out of your day when necessary to keep up with all maintenance is easy and costs very little. Need another reason to keep up with maintenance? In cases where you do not exceed the recommended maintenance minimums, a manufacturer could deny your warranty claims based on the vehicle not being taken care of well enough, resulting in you having to pay out of pocket for costly repairs.

Maintaining your vehicle will also help you retain a lot of its resale value. Cars can depreciate easily, and the best way to ensure that you can sell it or trade it in at the highest price possible is by maintaining your car and keeping record of it all.

Money-Saving Options For Burlington Area Drivers

From oil changes and tire rotations to air filter replacements and wiper blade installations, our GM service specials, available to Burlington area drivers, saves you money on all kinds of maintenance and repair work. No more excuses–check out our specials today to see how much money you can really save.

Our technicians know exactly what parts to use to repair and replace damaged parts or parts that need upkeep, because we only stock quality OEM parts that will keep your car running for as long as it’s meant to and your manufacturer’s warranty intact.

Contact us today with any questions about maintaining your car or to schedule a service appointment. We’re looking forward to getting you back on the road!

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